Hello! You are currently visiting MCVanilla’s online store. Here you can buy lots of items that will help you in game for a relatively low price. Here you can buy all sorts of things even player perks! We also sell ranks here. You can pick which rank you would like by looking through there perks and more! You can even buy commands here.  Now some don’t know that it costs lots of time and money to host a server and our donators help us make the server better for all of our players. We thank all of you who donate.

Payment methods

We accept most types of payments. You can use PayPal for an easier payment or just use a credit card the old fashion way. When you purchase a package, you are directed to a page where it seems like you can only buy through PayPal. You click on the PayPal icon and it will take you to a page where there is an area where you can pay without PayPal. You click use debit or credit card which is underneth where is asks you to login to paypal.

Refund Policy

We DO NOT tolerate refunds here on MCVanilla. If you decide chargeback money through PayPal, you will be automatically banned from MCVanilla. This may seem a bit outrageous, but running a server makes our staff team put at least 80% of the money we make into the server to pay for hosting payment, buycraft, and plugins. If you chargeback there is a possibility we have already spent the money on make the server better for you and the rest of the community.

Why purchase anything?

As I have mentions above the MCVanilla staff team work very hard and spend lots of money on making the server more interesting and more fun to play. If you didn’t have our donors, then we would fall out of business and you wouldn’t be able to play on the server anymore. Also, if we had a slow month then we might not have any updates that month. Donators are greatly respected. Besides all of the scary technical stuff you also get lots of amazing items from donating on the server. If you look around our store you can quickly see there are some cool stuff! All of our items and ranks are permanent you get to keep them forever!

Difficulty with donating?

After you donate it will a maximum of 20 minutes before you will receive your package. If you for some reason don’t get your package or type in the wrong name in, we are very good at taking care of it. In order for us to do that though you will have to inform us. The first thing you can do is ask in chat if there are any staff on our staff members will inform their superiors and deal with it that way.